Options & Extras

Whilst all heat recovery ventilation systems operate in exactly the same way on a basic level, Rega Ventilation offer a range of more advanced control systems to allow you to customise the system to better suit your individual needs.

Boost Control

As standard all of our ventilation units come fitted with a manual boost switch. This switch allows the system to be quickly and easily turned up to its maximum speed setting; useful when cooking high aroma foods or during a period of heavy shower or bathroom use.

If you are looking for a more automatic form of control for your ventilation system then Rega has a number of solutions for automatic boost operation. Humidistat and PIR sensors can be fitted within rooms, so the boost function triggers based on either occupancy or increasing moisture levels in rooms.


Summer/Winter Options

During the winter months the heat recovery system will be working constantly to bring fresh air in from outside while recovering as much heat as possible from the stale air. However, during the summer with heat recovery not being required there are a few options.

As standard a Rega Heat recovery ventilation system comes with a simple solution to this. During the summer people will generally prefer open windows to supply their fresh air. To allow for this all units come fitted with a summer/winter switch that will turn off the fresh supply air fan, whilst continuing the extract operation. This has the added bonus of halving the running costs of the system during the summer.

Alternatively, you may wish to leave your windows closed during the summer. In this instance a summer bypass kit would need to be fitted to the unit. A summer bypass is a motorised valve that will open to allow the fresh air from outside to move through the unit without passing through the heat exchanger, but still being filtered. This option is ideal for allergy sufferers or if there are noise, or security concerns. The summer bypass can be offered with manual control, or to get an improved performance can be set to automatically activate using thermostatic sensors.



Rega can also offer pre-heaters to fit into the supply ducting to allow fresh, heated air to be distributed around the building. There are two options available for this, either a water heater battery or an electric heater.


Why do I need ventilation?

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