How will it save me money?

Whilst one cannot quantify the householder benefits of a correctly controlled, fresh, pollutant free home environment we can cost the benefits associated with the energy savings of heat recovery ventilation.

The biggest saving associated with heat recovery ventilation is the ability to tightly seal a home and control the air movement in and out of the property. The system will be set up and optimised to give the ideal level of ventilation; keeping the environment fresh, whilst minimising heat losses.

In order to maintain a healthy environment within a building the recommended air change rate is roughly one air change per hour; achieved through a combination of controlled ventilation and leakage. However, a home with trickle vents and extract fans may see air change rates as high as four air changes per hour. On top of the ability to control the air change rate, the system uses 90% of the heat from the extract air to pre-warm the incoming fresh air, drastically reducing the heating requirement.

The System

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