Duct Systems

Rega offer a wide range of duct systems designed to tackle any obstacles that installation may present. The ability to manufacture ducting also means bespoke products can be produced in especially difficult situations.

Circular Duct Systems

The standard duct material that is ideal for most applications is semi rigid aluminium. This corrugated all metal duct has good air flow characteristics and the great benefit of being easily formed by hand to bends and offsets, no need for purpose made bends. Being semi rigid the duct does not need frequent supports as is the case with a flexible duct. Rigid spirally wound ducts are available for situations where the duct is exposed or liable to physical damage. In certain situations the ducts will need to be insulated, factory made thermally or acoustically insulated ducts can be provided to make for easy installation.

Rectangular Duct Systems

Where space is limited, such as ceiling voids under solid floors or where a duct is concealed in a stud wall, rectangular ducts are used. These are available in various sizes, down to 25mm deep, to provide the correct free area to minimise air flow resistance. A wide range of bends, tees and other fittings are available to make installation possible in any situation.

Internal Air Grilles

Supply and extract air grilles are normally ceiling mounted but may be wall mounted at high level in rooms with vaulted ceilings. The high level location has benefits for both extract and supply. The extract will be taken from the point where the warm moist air and steam rise too and the incoming fresh air, which is cooler than the room air, will be introduced to mix with hottest air that rises to the top of the room. The grilles are available in various materials and finishes to suit individual preferences.

The extract air grille incorporates a filter to prevent dust and debris from entering the duct system; these washable filters are easily accessible from inside the room for regular cleaning.

External Air Grilles

Exhaust and fresh air inlet connections are made to outside. There are various method of achieving this. Grilles may be sited in gable end walls or through the building soffits if space permits, grille colours available are grey, white, brown, terracotta or cotswold stone. Roof terminals are an alternative and are available in anthracite to suit slates or terracotta to suit tiles.



Control Systems

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